Design & Morality? HUH?!

A logo concept for The Morality Project Logo

A logo concept for The Morality Project Logo

This is a logo design concept I was developing for a class of mine on a very personal, yet very, very touchy subject – morals and the lack thereof. The organization is aimed at pushing social responsibility, education reform, as well as education financing reform – three things we find highly lacking in our current social climate. The word, ‘morality,’ was used as intended – to shock and evoke a reaction from the viewer. Many people in todays’ society dislike and even fear the word morality, as it is often associated with religion, oppression, and conservatives. Being a moderate myself I can see this from both points of view, however, I feel morals, in the non-religious context if possible, should be educated strongly to the current and following generations. Society lacks respect for social rank, age, or position. I, like many believe it should be earned,  however, with age and rank (socially and professionally speaking) is earned by default to a degree (ie. boss, supervisor, elder, etc.)

This  logo turned out to be quite challenging to develop, however, I feel that the result, albiet maybe lacking in certain areas (such as creativity or clarity), it is a good piece for a class assignment and leaves much room for improvement, resulting in a strong portfolio piece. I am sure I will work on this piece in the future.


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