WATCHMEN: Amazing Cinematography and Typography

Although the embedding has been disabled, I posted the video link above for you to check out Youtube and observe the amazing lighting, cinematography, and the smart placement of type. It is work like this we need more of in film and television.

It has been a long time coming, and will always a rarity in film, to see such a beautiful blend of graphic types with a brilliantly executed art direction. We can only hope that such good work continues to present itself in the future.

So what’s the deal? How often today do we see well placed type that is not only set well, but is also an integral part of the composition. We see many well-aclaimed magazines, whose main emphasis is their layout identity achieve this, however, truth be told, some of them even struggle to properly integrate type and photography such as this video does. Even observe the well placed masks to make the type seem more a part of the scene, all the while clearly not. One of the few design contradictions I think the trained eye, and the untrained, can appreciate.

Well done! Credit goes to Director of Photography Larry Fong and director Zack Snyder, as well as Effects Supervisor John DesJardin.


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