“WHY?” Vintage Style iPhone Photos

iPhone vintage Photo taken with "Toy Camera" app

iPhone vintage Photo taken with "Toy Camera" app. Source: thephotoargus.com

When I see iPhone photos like those above I find myself asking, “Why is everyone doing this,” whenever I see this new trend in mobile photography – the worn vintage photo look. Sure, I know why people are doing it – it is cool to some people to make something new look old. It’s similar to the idea of buying new, artificially distressed jeans as opposed to buying old, actually distressed ones.

It looks cool when it is the real deal – an actual photograph that is from the 60’s or so and has actually gone through the aging process. It has a reference of time, a hint of truth and actuality. The aging ‘style’ of that photo has significance. It looks kinda lame, however, when you use this effect on a photo from an event you were attending last week. Maybe do it to pictures from last year or something, anything but from yesterday or last week.

What do YOU think?

photo source: http://www.thephotoargus.com/tools/14-must-have-apps-for-the-iphone-photographer

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