[TRIUMPHS IN TECH] Titanic poster available on Zazzle. Soon to hit other retailers.


For many of those who know me, Titanic, has been a life-long passion of mine. The elegance of the ship, the technological and engineering marvel of her design, and the promise she brought humanity. That is until a series of small careless mistakes brought it all to a close. It is a tragic story: The hopes of humanity all rested on a single ship. A ship that sank and took over 1,400 lives with it. We all know the story.


The illustration as printed.

It seems fitting, then, that Titanic make her way into my TRIUMPHS IN TECHNOLOGY poster series. Even thought she sank, Titanic will always remain a technological marvel that is ambitious even by today’s standards. She was much larger than any other ship in the world (aside her sister RMS Olympic), she utilized a unique hybrid propulsion system, featured improved building measures (higher water-tight bulkheads, double-bottom hull), and featured many first-time amenities many passengers feel commonplace aboard today’s passenger vessels.

When visiting my Zazzle store, you can choose how you best wish your copy of the poster to be produced: from size, to paper type (canvas, too!), framed or not. That is the beauty of Zazzle – you can buy the art work you love the way you want it.   Please check out the product page via the link below. This would make an excellent holiday gift for any Titanic, ship, or ocean liner enthusiast.


Designed using Adobe Illustrator.

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Logo Concept – Fall 2012

Logo Concept – Fall 2012, originally uploaded by innov8ional.

Via Flickr:
As part of a design challenge, I was to design an entirely new logo than the one currently in use. This was to be a challenge in concept, color, and overall execution. Here are the results.

Designed using Adobe Illustrator CS5. All rights reserved.

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NEWS: Jobs Resigns as Apple CEO

Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, inc. has announced today that he will be resigning his post as Chief Executive Officer of the legendary electronics device designer and manufacturer. Normally such news would not make this blog, however, being that Apple plays an instrumental role in the design industry, both as the industry standard platform and as a source of inspiration for many designers, this could potentially have a long term on the design industry. Where will Apple go from here? More stories to be posted as details unfold.

What are your reactions to this? How strongly do you feel this could impact Apple in the future?

See the original story on the CNN website at: http://finance.fortune.cnn.com/2011/08/24/fallen-apple-steve-jobs-resigns/

I Don’t Feel Creative Today

So lately I have not been feeling creative. Why? Well, I recently was injured on my leg and it turned into a severe infection. Literally. Overnight. Due to multiple procedures, medication, and the general stress of the process I have felt zapped of energy. I have several articles in development and hope to get them out on a scheduled release soon. Please have patience.

In the mean time, I hope you enjoy a quick image I threw together. It helped me get through the day.

I don't feel creative today poster

"I don't feel creative today."

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TRIUMPHS IN TECHNOLOGY: The Pennsy T1 steam locomotive.

The first of the 'Triumphs in Technology' poster series.


The first in the ‘Triumphs in Technology’ poster series, featuring the Pennsylvania Railroad T-1 steam engine, received an invite from the Flickr group, 30’s “ART DECO period”. This is exciting news as it appears some of my work is starting to make a mark in the art community.

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Zazzle Store Online!

That’s right – I have expanded into Zazzle, bringing my design work to a variety of products that are available to the public. If you like my work, wear it, share it, or get a copy to mount on the wall! Follow me on here or on the Zazzle store and share with me your thoughts on the current products and feel free to share ideas for future products! You can visit the Zazzle store @ http://www.zazzle.com/innov8ional.