1.0 almost ready to launch

Finally, a professional website is in the works and almost near completion! This year has proven to be a fun-packed adventure in terms of moving things forward with my professional design career. Above is an instagram shot of the site as it is in development. Hosted by Behance, their ProSite service and the site production have been easy, professional looking, and quite fun.

Please, check out my new personal website @ and share your thoughts and feedback.


Zerply – I have arrived

zerply_logoHello friends – to those of you who are always expanding your social network, both personally and professionally, I have just joined the Zerply band-wagon. It is a nice little professional networking site that has the easy to use look and feel of tumblr while keeping the professional connections resource of LinkedIn. I recommend stopping by, taking a look and hey – stop by my page –

Also, if you are on Zerply (or any of the other many networks I am with) and are interested in connecting, please send me an invite via those pages or you may email me at Please include:

  • Your name
  • Your screen name/account name
  • Which network it is for (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. . . .) A list is provided in the signature of this post.
  • And hey, a little message would be cool as well.


Learn more about my work and connect with me.
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TRIUMPHS IN TECHNOLOGY: The Pennsy T1 steam locomotive.

The first of the 'Triumphs in Technology' poster series.


The first in the ‘Triumphs in Technology’ poster series, featuring the Pennsylvania Railroad T-1 steam engine, received an invite from the Flickr group, 30’s “ART DECO period”. This is exciting news as it appears some of my work is starting to make a mark in the art community.

To see the original piece, go to my Flickr page! Also, please subscribe to this blog and add me as a contact on Flickr! Thanks.

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Zazzle Store Online!

That’s right – I have expanded into Zazzle, bringing my design work to a variety of products that are available to the public. If you like my work, wear it, share it, or get a copy to mount on the wall! Follow me on here or on the Zazzle store and share with me your thoughts on the current products and feel free to share ideas for future products! You can visit the Zazzle store @