New Lettermark in Development

Lettermark concept, originally uploaded by innov8ional.

Check out my latest concept for my new identity system. For a while now I have been meaning to spice up my identity pieces and put a new face on a fresh set of skills and technique.

Share your thoughts? Suggestions?


UPDATE – 08.17

Hey readers,

I am sorry I have not had a new article ready for everyone. After my leg operation a few weeks ago, my immune system has been pretty much shot and I have been really ill recently. I have several articles in the works and will try to get back on schedule as soon as possible.



WATCHMEN: Amazing Cinematography and Typography

Although the embedding has been disabled, I posted the video link above for you to check out Youtube and observe the amazing lighting, cinematography, and the smart placement of type. It is work like this we need more of in film and television.

It has been a long time coming, and will always a rarity in film, to see such a beautiful blend of graphic types with a brilliantly executed art direction. We can only hope that such good work continues to present itself in the future.

So what’s the deal? How often today do we see well placed type that is not only set well, but is also an integral part of the composition. We see many well-aclaimed magazines, whose main emphasis is their layout identity achieve this, however, truth be told, some of them even struggle to properly integrate type and photography such as this video does. Even observe the well placed masks to make the type seem more a part of the scene, all the while clearly not. One of the few design contradictions I think the trained eye, and the untrained, can appreciate.

Well done! Credit goes to Director of Photography Larry Fong and director Zack Snyder, as well as Effects Supervisor John DesJardin.

Design & Morality? HUH?!

A logo concept for The Morality Project Logo

A logo concept for The Morality Project Logo

This is a logo design concept I was developing for a class of mine on a very personal, yet very, very touchy subject – morals and the lack thereof. The organization is aimed at pushing social responsibility, education reform, as well as education financing reform – three things we find highly lacking in our current social climate. The word, ‘morality,’ was used as intended – to shock and evoke a reaction from the viewer. Many people in todays’ society dislike and even fear the word morality, as it is often associated with religion, oppression, and conservatives. Being a moderate myself I can see this from both points of view, however, I feel morals, in the non-religious context if possible, should be educated strongly to the current and following generations. Society lacks respect for social rank, age, or position. I, like many believe it should be earned, ¬†however, with age and rank (socially and professionally speaking) is earned by default to a degree (ie. boss, supervisor, elder, etc.)

This  logo turned out to be quite challenging to develop, however, I feel that the result, albiet maybe lacking in certain areas (such as creativity or clarity), it is a good piece for a class assignment and leaves much room for improvement, resulting in a strong portfolio piece. I am sure I will work on this piece in the future.

The future of my design

SodaGreen CD Album Cover

SodaGreen CD Album Cover

Type, nature, and greenery. Is this the sign of things to come for me in my world of design? I find it amazing that as of recently I have a massive love for typography and bringing it into the world of imagry and communication – both on the personal and commercial scale.

Pictures made of type – type made of pictures. OH There is much I cannot wait to explore.