Capitalism and the Freezing Power of Choice

This video was posted by a contact on LinkedIn. It sparked an interesting conversation. The poster, Nancy, posed the following question:
“Do you like this animation/video presentation about Choice, Capitalism and Social Change from the RSA? Can it go viral do you think?”

To it I responded:

“I think this is a very powerful video, and it is presented in a very fun way. I have seen other videos in this series where the narration was from different speakers, but the animation process was executed in the same style.

What is said in this video is quite true about where humanity finds itself today. I know for a fact when I am given an overwhelming amount of choice I do tend to freeze as well and through time I will pull myself out of it. This is often accomplished through communicating with others as well as conducting my own research.

As designers and business people in an age of customization, it is bound that we will face this indecisive state more and more both as professionals and as consumers. I was recently discussing with some friends that I feel certain fields of the design industry are becoming too nebulous – too accommodating to individual semantics just so the industry could acquire professionals to fill jobs. IE. The web marketing arena offers many titles (Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Interface Designer, Interactive Designer, Design Consultant, Design Strategist, Digital Artist, . . . .) when most, not all, most of these jobs do the same functions or overlap enough to cause massive redundancy in the capability to meet the scope of work needing to be completed.”

What do YOU think?

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