[POLL] iPads and Your Creative Process

Hello everyone,

I am currently developing a story for this blog in regards to iPads and their new role in the digital creative age. I have found in my personal experience that they have so many ways to contribute to the creative process. This post, however, is about you. I want to find out if you use an iPad in your creative process and if you do, how do you use it? Sketching? Note-taking? A resource for ideas? Or better yet, do you feel they disrupt the creative process?

Below is a one-question poll – please check make a selection. You are here, after all. Also, I encourage you to post comments and lets get a discussion going. Please share your thoughts and experiences.

SO YOU KNOW: I will be taking your feedback here, as well as other sources, and use them as part of an an article that is currently in development. If you have any questions or objections, please email me at: dma.evokedesign@gmail.com.

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