TYPEFACE vs. FONT: Is it the same thing?

Typeface vs. Font:Two terms all too often mixed up that make or break your credibility as a graphic designer. All too often do I see designers mix these these terms. These terms are as important as knowing the Rule of Thirds or CMYK vs. RGB. These are terms of the design industry and, like all industries, if you are to be effective within the industry, you must know your terms and know how to effectively use them.
An example of this confusion occurred the other day during a class I am taking at Butte College. The instructor of the class, who is guiding students through design basics before diving them into multimedia projects asked for students to identify the difference between the terms “typeface” and “font”. Being a designer for several years, an a typography enthusiast, I was the first to answer, eagerly wanting to prove my knowledge to the class. I answered correctly (very similar to this).


To my alarming surprise, the instructor slapped down my answer and proclaimed the right answer to be the exact opposite of the truth. Here he was, giving a group of over 30 impressionable students the wrong information with a loud sense of confidence to solidify his claims in their mindset. This is tragic. Not only is he wrong about important industry terms, but as a teacher, he is teaching future designers and artists the term with the wrong definition, thus furthering ignorance on these terms both in and out of the industry.


So, how do we counter this ignorance that is plaguing the industry? What do we do about teachers who are in fact wrong? What is the moral of the story here?To be honest, I have a few ideas but I cannot say for sure what is the best way to go about solving these problems.  The big question is this: Do you know the terms? Do you have any ideas on how to turn around this confusion that is plaguing the industry?


Talk about it.


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NEWS: Jobs Resigns as Apple CEO

Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, inc. has announced today that he will be resigning his post as Chief Executive Officer of the legendary electronics device designer and manufacturer. Normally such news would not make this blog, however, being that Apple plays an instrumental role in the design industry, both as the industry standard platform and as a source of inspiration for many designers, this could potentially have a long term on the design industry. Where will Apple go from here? More stories to be posted as details unfold.

What are your reactions to this? How strongly do you feel this could impact Apple in the future?

See the original story on the CNN website at: http://finance.fortune.cnn.com/2011/08/24/fallen-apple-steve-jobs-resigns/


TRIUMPHS IN TECHNOLOGY: The Pennsy T1 steam locomotive.

The first of the 'Triumphs in Technology' poster series.


The first in the ‘Triumphs in Technology’ poster series, featuring the Pennsylvania Railroad T-1 steam engine, received an invite from the Flickr group, 30’s “ART DECO period”. This is exciting news as it appears some of my work is starting to make a mark in the art community.

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